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Elegant jewellery is the desire of both women and men. When choosing shimmering accessories, it’s important to consider their kind and circumstances in which they will be worn. Properly selected they should correspond with our character or even mood.

Jewellery can be distinguished as: daytime and evening wear. Also relevant is the technique of their creation and materials used in their manufacturing. Some occasions call for silver accessories, some require gold. Choose your jewellery carefully to perfectly reflect your unique character.


Vermeil jewellery not only looks fantastic, it also has an eye-catching veneer. Modern design covered with several layers of high-carat gold it what makes our vermeil products special. Brilliant vermeil jewellery will undoubtedly make any outfit elegant, regardless if day-time or evening. With accessories like bracelets, earrings, or necklaces you’ll be able to create formidable outfits that will only add to your inner and outer beauty. Each of our proposals is remarkable in its quality and will be a lastingly reliable joy to you.


Silver jewellry enriches every ensemble with a touch of subtle luxury and will let you feel chique every day. What makes silver so desirable is its longevity and brilliant condition for many years. Silver jewellery will prove to be a sophisticated accessory any day: will it be to work, for a meet with friends or an exquisite evening occasion. Our offer will catch your eye with exceptional projects, and remarkable design will enable you to express your one-of-a-kind style. Jewellery is always a great gift to a loved one — thanks to the high-end quality of our products they would make a spot-on present.

Hypnotize, captivate and impress everyday

Effective investment - it’s not only gold and silver bars or coins. It also can be elaborately created jewellery. More than that, properly selected it allows to express yourself and bring out your inner shine.


Plunging or studs, earrings are accessories which undoubtedly will emphasize the gaze and delicate, feminine neck. They differ not only in kind but also in types of clasps. Simple studs and hanging with different types of clasps: studs, dangles and leverbacks. It doesn’t matter which one you will choose – more important is if they suit your style and what kind of precious metal they made of. You are considering silver or gold? Check out our proposals which were crafted with attention to the smallest detail! 


Whether classically on the wrist, cool on the upper arm or hip around the ankle — you can wear your bracelets as the mood suits you. It’s up to you what kind you will choose, jewellery like ours will be a unique accessory. In our offer you will find subtle pieces as well as hypnotically ornate ones. Bracelets will give a chique touch to every outfit and make you feel fashionable on many occasions – regardless if day-time or evening. All jewellery was made from precious metals of the highest quality and will please the eye for many years.


Necklaces are extraordinarily effective accessories. Shimmering gold or silver will complement every décolletage.
Crafted with passion and eye-catching precision – you will be feeling extremely luxurious even in ordinary every-day situations. Our proposals are where elegance meets wonderful design.

An ecstatic necklace will add magic and self-esteem, that’s why it will become an accessory which one simply cannot do without.

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