DUCAT AUSTRIA 4F – 13,96 g


Ducat Austria (13,96 g) can be found under the name 4 Ducat Austria.
4 Ducat Austria is four times bigger than 1 Ducat.
Produced by Münze Österreich
Diameter: 39,7 mm
Metal: Gold
Fineness: 986/1000
Weight: 13.96 g
Origin: Austria
Shipping: 4 days

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The history of ducat begins in medieval Italy. Ducat was founded in Austria in the early 16th century. Until 1857 ducats were used as a payment method, until 1915 they were used as commercial coins. The ducat was minted in 1915, it’s the date when the last coins were minted. It was caused by the economic situation of the First World War.

The obverse of the ducat shows an image of Emperor Franz Joseph, who ruled over Austria-Hungary for 68 years. Franz Joseph was one of the longest reigning monarchs in modern history.

The coin is available in 1 or 4 ducats.  The set includes a red case with a white silk cushion.


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