Apple iMac Pro Xeon
W 3.2 GHz/32GB/1TB SSD/Vega 56 8GB


Power to the pro.

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Hey, you! Raise your hand if you think that there is a better thing than a powerful device, which is perfect for massive projects. Apple iMac Pro Xeon has a Retina 5K display, which delivers a breathtaking graphics. Now you can make your ideas come to great project, no matter if it’s a video, photography or a 3D animation. All-in-one design is an ideal option not only for the office. An iMac Pro Xeon with up to 18 cores is a device that can handle every action. Thanks to AVX-512 vector instructions and an advanced cache architecture, the processor manages many data — more quickly. Every reasonable creature in the whole universe knows that Vega architecture, which features up to 16GB of High Bandwidth Memory, helps to deal with every mission they were assigned to. I simply love that I can create 3D environments much faster. Now every work is just easy-peasy lemon squeeze. For a hard-working human being it’s an excellent solution. Do you see yourself working on this impressive device? 


To sum up my opinion: This is a device I would highly recommend to everyone, who has a creative mind. It’s a flawless tool, which will handle all your ideas!


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W 3.2 GHz/32GB/1TB SSD/Vega 56 8GB”

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