Apple iPhone 11 128GB green


Apple iPhone 11

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The futuristic technology seems to be much closer than ever. How I can know that? Because I come from the future. In 2050 we still use the same equipment. And I truly love the structure of a brand-new iPhone 11. It’s so smooth and well-designed. Sooo fascinating! And oh, the red color is amazing. It definitely suits my purse and high heels. How can I not love it? But it’s not only about the appearance. To be honest, what’s inside interests me more. And it has so much to offer, yay! I’m keen on new technologies (and basically that’s my job) and this iPhone meets my expectations of how should high-tech be like. Its secret is yet to be told: the chip A13 Bionic is lightyears away from what you’ve already known. The battery lasts longer, and everything is fast and fluid. Can I want to have more? Sure! Camera is so important to me, and what offers iPhone 11 honestly satisfies me. I can make perfect photos of every planet and era I visit to keep my memories for a very long time. And there still is so much to discover! Would you like to face the challenge?

To sum up my opinion: It’s a hottie with richness of soul. Perfect not only for your work, but for daily usage too. I totally recommend it. It’s so addictive that I can’t stop using it!

Here it is – Apple iPhone 11. In case you lived in a cave past few years and you don’t know what iPhone 11 is, go check the specs at Apple’s page here.


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