Krugerrand – 1 oz. Gold


Produced by Rand Refinery
Width: 2,8 mm
Metal: Gold/Copper
Probe: 916
Weight: 31,10 g
Diameter: 32,61 mm
Origin : RPA
Shipping: 15 days
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The South African Krugerrand bullion coin was issued in 1967 by the Rand Refinery. It was initially introduced only in South Africa to private individuals to own gold, and by 1980 was in circulation worldwide. On the front the coin features an image of Paul Kruger, a prominent South African politician, and president from 1883 – 1900. The reverse side of the Krugerrand gold coin contains an image of a springbok Antelope, along with the gold bullion coin’s finesses, weight and year of issue.

What stands out for this coin?

  • a unique burnished coin finish on both the reverse and the obverse side
  • an image of a South African politician and a springbok Antelope
  • the coin has a slight copper tone. This is because in this coin the pure gold is mixed with a copper alloy in order to make it more durable


The Rand Refinery is the largest mint in the world and creates gold bullion coins from materials of the highest quality. Currently, the Krugerrand coin is the most popular bullion coin among gold investors and collectors. It’s a great alternative to traditional investments and gold bars.


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