Phenomenal two kinds of gold bracelet Pudicitia


Produced by: Speggiorin Silvano
Probe: do uzupełnienia
Weight: 53 g
Shipping: 4 days
Origin: Italy

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Pudicitia is a Latin word for ‘modesty’. Perfectly composed bracelet that mixes yellow and white gold creates a harmony with a subtle touch of dignity. It’s the core of elegance and style. Bracelet is an ideal addition to classic outfits and will enrich the toned ensemble as well. It will be an excellent piece of jewellery for any occasion, regardless if ordinary or special. Our proposal will make every woman feel extraordinary! The dimension of the bracelet is ⌀ 8 mm.


The company Speggiorin Silvano, named after its founder, is specialised in making handcrafted hollow gold jewellery. It was established in 1970 in Vicenza – city famous for gold jewellery manufacturing. Thanks to 50 years of tradition in producing timeless and smooth jewellery, every creation is made with passion, care and attention to detail. 


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