Crypto – a cryptocurrency accepted in our store as a payment form.
CryptoShop – an online store operating under the address of and offering products that can be bought for cryptocurrencies.
CryptoFreak – a user who has a cryptocurrency wallet and intends to make purchase using one of the cryptocurrencies.
CryptoAdept – any user with FIAT currency who would like to be like CryptoFreak.
CryptoCantor beegoz – a place where you can exchange FIAT currency for a cryptocurrency or backwards.
User – each CryptoFreak and CryptoAdept.
One Link Away – section where you paste a link to any product that is available online in any store, in any currency and anywhere in our galaxy.
Hot Deals – products offered by CryptoShop in #payBTC section at a bargain price only for CryptoFreak.
Son – a savvy person, younger than you, who is more informed, especially in the theme of cryptocurrencies. This person may be a bit like you, but is much smarter anyway.
Verification fee – the fee, you pay using One Link Away in order to prepare an offer for you to purchase the product of your choice, with possibility of payment with crypto. 

Terms of use

  1. The Hot Deals and #payBTC offer is addressed to both of you CryptoFreak and CryptoAdept! Of course, if you feel like buying a product and paying for it with a cryptocurrency. And you certainly do, don’t you? And your Son surely would do it.
  2. Every CryptoAdept who is only drooling at the sight of a cryptocurrencies should finally buy himself one for his own. Or dig up some, because otherwise he will never be able to take advantage of the awesome offers in our CryptoShop. If you don’t know how to do it, get to know it or ask your Son.
  3. Currently, acceptable cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum, but there will definitely be more. Your Son will wait.
  4. One Link Away must have the right format that allows it to preview the indicated product. If you paste the correct link, it will mean that you have an IQ higher than the chimpanzee. If you think that your IQ is at the right level and still can’t copy the link to the product correctly, ask your Son how to do it.
  5. The amount entered in the form must match the actual price after opening One Link Away. Use Arabic numerals even if you are an Islamophobe. Your Son isn’t.
  6. The product purchased in CryptoShop is guaranteed by the manufacturer and the store from which it comes. So you don’t have to worry if it will not work. Before you make a complaint, let your Son check if it is really not working. Sometimes it’s enough to connect it to the power supply and everything will be alright.
  7. Purchased products may be subject to additional duties and taxes depending on the country of origin and delivery. You are an adult so you are surely aware of this. Every Son knows it.
  8. By purchasing from CryptoShop you accept our AML policy. This means that we do not sell to politicians, because every politician is a thief. Do not let your Son become a politician.
  9. By shopping in the CryptoShop you accept that you must give us all necessary information, which allows us to get the goods for you. Your Son would accept.
  10. Delivery time for each product depends on the country of the supplier, the recipient country and the type of shipment. You have an influence on this by choosing the product and the store you buy from. 
  11. Return of goods is possible according to the rules of the supplier/manufacturer. Return will not be necessary if your choice is well thought-out and supported by your Son’s advice.
  12. The price in BTC and other altcoins is variable and depends on the current price at the time of transaction. You surely know how it works, but if you have any doubts, ask your Son.
  13. Yes, first you have to pay a Verification fee, in the amount of 5 euro, but in the end we will deduct it from the final amount (if you don’t buy cotton pads but you intend to spend a certain amount of your dough more than 25 euro). For little shopping go to your local Seven eleven or Tesco.